Healing Essence

     I would like to take a moment to introduce my self, and more importantly what I do.

My name is Pam Keniston-Bundy and I created Healing Essence in 2013 to share my knowledge of healing energies and how to transform your life. In 2011 I took a Shamballa Multi- Dimentional Healing class and recieved my certificate of completion as a level 2 practitioner, which allowed me to work on other people.  In March 2012 I continued my education recieved my level 3 Master Cetificate of completion, and in May 2012 I aquired my level 4 Master teacher certificate. I put all this to work in my own life and realised what a difference I could make in my life as well as other peoples lives. In 2018 I furthered my education, and enrolled in a Hypnosis class through the National Guild of Hypnotists. I am now blending the two together and helping people to promote healing in their bodies, manage stress, lifestyle changes such as weight management, smoking sessation, relaxation, and acheiving an overall sense of well being.